Run for our Earth:

Enfranchise the Earth -- End Exploitation Now!

Starts 7am, September 2nd, Seattle to Olympia

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What is 'Enfranchising the Earth'

Enfranchising the Earth, put simply, means giving all living systems a voice. Since not all living systems have such a voice, people must make a case on behalf of exploited, degraded, destroyed, and pillaged life on Earth. This is the function of the Earth Agency. If we value life on Earth, exploitation comes at a cost. The Earth Agency will place this cost on corporations that do not currently face it. Destroyed environments, polluted air, toxic water, and dying species all must fundamentally have a voice if we want to create a politcal and economic system that values our lives and the planet.

We are not separate from nature and we never will be. Gratitude and respect.

Why Enfranchise the Earth?

Democracy enables workers to unionize, protest, and shape legislation so that a system that balances their rights with other complex interests forms. There are issues with this system but centralized proposals addressing exploitative systems turn into dictatorships, and are still abusive. Only broad distributions of power to those being exploited have succeeded in changing systems to a new more equal and fair stability.

Thus, to eliminate of exploitation of people, we need to reverse the trend of increasingly consolidated political, military, and economic power. FURTHERMORE our systems currently only consider humans to have rights, directly endorsing abuses and horrific atrocities toward anything considered ‘nonhuman’ or part of ‘nature’. This happens throughout history when certain people are considered nonhuman, or even now when human rights are not justly accorded. And as for the Earth, our state of climatic misery attests well enough to our exploitation.

There is no reason why we should endow companies with rights but not nature. Protecting the Earth and living systems requires representing those interests and voices DIRECTLY in our judicial, legislative, and executive systems. Enfranchising the Earth is the first step toward ending this exploitation.

How does Enfranchising the Earth end exploitation?

Enfranchising the Earth will simultaneously begin to undo the consolidation of power and the self perpetuating cycles of lobbying, exploitation of workers and resources, and destruction that profit maximizing corporations can’t help but create. It will do this by dismantling the subsidies and economic affordances that large corporations gain through exploitation by providing broad legal means and direct legislative oversight and representation for all living systems through the creation of the Earth Agency. See more on the issues page.

How can I help?

  • Watch the livestream
  • Put up posters!
  • Share on social media (links above) and tell your friends!
  • Donate
  • Send to influencers and politicians
  • Come to the Olympia protest (updates on the 2nd)
  • Vote Chaytan in 2024